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Rethinking the GWOT: Maximalists versus Minimalists

The terms "maximalism" and "minimalism" are used with great regularity in biblical studies [primarily by Middle Eastern Archaeologists to refer to the degree of their acceptance of the biblical narrative as historical truth. Those who believe that the Bible is mostly figurative and contains very few reliable historical references refer to themselves as Minimalists. Whereas those researchers who believe that the Bible is actually an archaeologically-substantiated historical record describe themselves as Maximalists]. To the best of my knowledge, these terms were coined by William W. Hallo in his 1989 Presidential Address to the American Oriental Society, published as "The Limits of Skepticism" in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 110 (1990): 187-199.

A note from Radarsite: For the purposes of the following article I have borrowed the terms Minimalism and Maximalism from the biblical archaeologists. It is my hope that by reframing the concept of this Global War On Terror (GWOT), we can gain a more meaningful appreciation of what we are actually up against: that is, whether or not we are actually in a war, and if we are in a war, what this war actually is and is not. I believe that these two terms more accurately define the true nature of our national differences than do our present inadequate and often confusing labels of Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives, Pacifists or Warmongerers. Here then is a new paradigm. We begin with the Minimalists. - rg

The Minimalists

There are two diametrically opposed views on our current "War on Terror", what it is, and how it should be prosecuted. The minimalists hold the view that the problems issuing from Islam are not representative of Islam as a whole, but are rather discreet and episodic criminal actions, perpetrated by a fanatical few. Therefore, they believe, that the proper response to these provocations should likewise be discreet and contained. By no means should we reproach, hold responsible, or punish all Muslims for the actions of a few. It is the minimalists' fundamental belief in the inherent goodness of all humankind that drives them and sustains their worldview. With a few rather negligible exceptions, for the past four decades American foreign policy has been directed by the minimalists. Beginning with the Islamic Revolution in Iran of 1979 (and, arguably, even some centuries before this event) we have treated these ongoing and escalating Muslim attacks against the West in general and Americans in particular as isolated criminal activities -- as opposed to what many believe are clearly acts of war. Our responses have therefore been -- to be somewhat kind and euphemistic -- 'measured'. Our national response to the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979, for example, was one failed and pathetically ill-advised helicopter attack. And that was it. And since 1979? Here is a partial list of what followed, together with our subsequent responses.

1993 World Trade Center bombing, New York. Truck bomb set off in basement of 110 story tower blocks holding up to 50,000 people. 6 killed, 1,000 injured but tens of thousands of civilians escape down stairs.
Law enforcement and Intelligence Response: tracks down and convicts some members of Osama Bin Laden's gang on US soil, including 'blind Sheik' Omar.

1995 Operation Bojinka (Airliner hijack, bomb) plots foiled by US intelligence, Bin Laden believed responsible.
multiple airliners intended hijacked over Pacific.
Arrest of Ramzi Youssef yields his computer with good intelligence.

1996 Khobar towers barracks bombed in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 US troops.
Protective response: since intelligence was hard to come by, the US moved and secured its barracks more carefully.

1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya, Tanzania: 224 killed, many civilians wounded outside. Intelligence believed Bin Laden was responsible.
Military Response: Clinton administration ordered bombings of a pure drugs factory in Sudan and a bunker headquarters in Afghanistan. Neither holding any terrorists, the retaliation was unsatisfactory.

2000 USS Cole, guided missile destroyer, bombed in Aden harbor by small boat with suicidal crew; 17 killed but ship is saved; intelligence indicates Bin Laden responsible. Owing to military target, probably not to be defined as terrorism.

2000 millennial bombings plotted but foiled by US intelligence. Several major incidents are found in captured plans. Plotters have links to Al Qaeda.
Law enforcement: 2000-2001 some plotters from previous Al Qaeda bombings tried and convicted in US courts.

The Clinton Administration offers us a perfect example of the minimalist response to Islamist terrorist attacks against Americans. Here is an excerpt from National Review's excellent Q&A by Kathryn Jean Lopez with Richard Miniter, "Clinton's Loss?". Richard Miniter is a Brussels-based investigative journalist. His new book, Losing bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror has just been released by Regnery.

How [did] the previous [Clinton] administration fumble on bin Laden?
1. Did not follow-up on the attempted bombing of Aden marines in Yemen.
2. Shut the CIA out of the 1993 WTC bombing investigation, hamstringing their effort to capture bin Laden.
3. Had Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a key bin Laden lieutenant, slip through their fingers in Qatar.
4. Did not militarily react to the al Qaeda bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 5. Did not accept the Sudanese offer to turn bin Laden.
6. Did not follow-up on another offer from Sudan through a private back channel.
7. Objected to Northern Alliance efforts to assassinate bin Laden in Afghanistan.
8. Decided against using special forces to take down bin Laden in Afghanistan.
9. Did not take an opportunity to take into custody two al Qaeda operatives involved in the East African embassy bombings. In another little scoop, I am able to show that Sudan arrested these two terrorists and offered them to the FBI. The Clinton administration declined to pick them up and they were later allowed to return to Pakistan.
10. Ordered an ineffectual, token missile strike against a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory.
11. Clumsily tipped off Pakistani officials sympathetic to bin Laden before a planned missile strike against bin Laden on August 20, 1998. Bin Laden left the camp with only minutes to spare.
12-14. Three times, Clinton hesitated or deferred in ordering missile strikes against bin Laden in 1999 and 2000.
15. When they finally launched and armed the Predator spy drone plane, which captured amazing live video images of bin Laden, the Clinton administration no longer had military assets in place to strike the archterrorist.
16. Did not order a retaliatory strike on bin Laden for the murderous attack on the USS Cole.

Minimalists base their threat assessments on mostly secondary sources, i.e., their stable of policy experts, popular pundits, authors, and MSM reports. These appreciations tend to align with their pre-disposed, all-encompassing liberal worldview: All people are basically good, and want the same things. It is only a matter of dealing with the few 'bad apples' amongst them. To the minimalists, the threat itself is suspect, often the product of the maximalist's overactive imagination, or, more menacingly, a total fabrication contrived by the maximalists in order to achieve more power. For the minimalists, the less we do the better.

The Maximalists

How do the maximalists perceive the threat of Islamic terror? Unlike their ideological opponents, the maximalists base their appreciation of the Muslim world threat on primary sources: the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sura; the writings of the terrorists and their mentors themselves; the clearly-stated objectives of the various Islamist terror organizations, such as Hamas, Hezbullah, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. The maximalists believe that the problem begins and ends with Islam itself; that the lure of victimization is bringing more and more Muslims to answer the call for Jihad. The maximalists believe that Muslim aggression against the Infidel, rather than being a logical reaction to some recent Western outrage, is an historical core precept of Islam. By its very nature, the free and democratic West is, was, and always will be the sworn enemy of Islam. This latest incarnation of Muslim holy war against the West is a continuation of this age-old war of pre-ordained conquest. Here is a relatively concise example of the maximalist's view of our Islamic enemies:

Ideology and Goals
The principal stated aims of al-Qaeda are to drive Americans and American influence out of all Muslim nations, especially Saudi Arabia; destroy Israel; and topple pro-Western dictatorships around the Middle East. Bin Laden has also said that he wishes to unite all Muslims and establish, by force if necessary, an Islamic nation adhering to the rule of the first Caliphs.

According to bin Laden's 1998 fatwa (religious decree), it is the duty of Muslims around the world to wage holy war on the U.S., American citizens, and Jews. Muslims who do not heed this call are declared apostates (people who have forsaken their faith).
Al-Qaeda's ideology, often referred to as "jihadism," is marked by a willingness to kill "apostate" —and Shiite—Muslims and an emphasis on jihad. Although "jihadism" is at odds with nearly all Islamic religious thought, it has its roots in the work of two modern Sunni Islamic thinkers: Mohammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Sayyid Qutb.

Al-Wahhab was an 18th-century reformer who claimed that Islam had been corrupted a generation or so after the death of Mohammed. He denounced any theology or customs developed after that as non-Islamic, including more than 1,000 years of religious scholarship. He and his supporters took over what is now Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabism remains the dominant school of religious thought.

Sayyid Qutb, a radical Egyptian scholar of the mid-20th century, declared Western civilization the enemy of Islam, denounced leaders of Muslim nations for not following Islam closely enough, and taught that jihad should be undertaken not just to defend Islam, but to purify it.

Here is more from the eminent Brigitte Gabriel.

During this first month of the New Year 2009, we have seen some stunning
developments that, considered together, should leave absolutely no doubt about the rising radical Islamic threat on our doorsteps in America.
I have been warning Americans since 2002 about this threat, and that the threat is not just confined to terrorism. This is not a "war on terror." Terror is a tactic, one of many in the arsenal of radical Islamists.
I have been declaring, to anyone who would listen, that Islamists are well on their way to subverting and transforming Europe, and they are riding that wave here to America.

I have told my personal story, of how Islamists, step by step, took over my country of Lebanon. How they used our freedoms and commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism against us to further their ultimate ends. And how they are using the same strategies and tactics against us in the West. In just the past three weeks we have seen:. A violent Islamic protest in Britain, where an angry mob shouting "Allahu Akbar" chased - yes, chased - dozens of British policemen for blocks. You must see this video to believe it! (Please be warned - there is offensive language and profanity). Click here<> to see this shocking video.

Pro-Hamas, anti-Israel Muslims conducting demonstrations here in America, shouting praises to Hitler for what he did to the Jews, yelling "go back to the ovens," and at times physically attacking counter-protestors. The Amsterdam Court of Appeals ordering the prosecution of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders because he has made statements
deemed "insulting" and harmful to "the religious esteem" of Muslims. Austrian parliamentarian Susanne Winter convicted of "incitement," <> because of public statements she has made, including the claim that the prophet Mohammed was a pedophile.

Muslim protest marches in Italy that ended with the protestors, in an obvious act of intimidation, conducting mass prayer vigils directly in front of Catholic places of worship.. The release of an official U.S. government report<> stating that Hezbollah is forming terrorist cells here in the U.S.that could
become operational.

The UN continuing to move ahead with the "Durban II" conference and its document that is little more than an anti-Israel rant that calls for suppressing public "defamation" of religion - notably Islam. This has
run parallel to an effort by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to get the UN Human Rights Commission to pass a resolution condemning public"defamation" of Islam.

My friends, the handwriting is clearly on the wall. Radical Islam is on the march, and it is growing stronger and bolder with every passing day. What elected official in Europe or the UK will now have the courage to speak out against this threat? Certainly the actions against parliamentarians Wilders and Winter will ultimately have a chilling effect on American elected officials as well. How many more "no-go zones," Muslim enclaves here non-Muslims and even police officers fear to go, will appear in Europe? We're already seeing such enclaves develop here in America right now. There's a reason why Dearborn, Michigan, is frequently referred to as "Dearbornistan."

What will happen in America when 50,000 ranting, chanting Islamist
demonstrators attempt to aggressively back down and chase police officers trying to maintain order? Will the police use the force necessary? If they do, we can expect howls from groups like CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations).
How will government officials respond? And if the police back down and run, as they recently did in Britain, what message is being sent to radical Islamists?
With the recent announcements by the Obama administration regarding ending the use of certain coercive interrogation practices, will this administration have the courage and use the tools necessary to protect us from Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda terrorist cells in our midst?It is becoming crystal clear that 2009 is going to be a critical year in our effort to roll back the rising tide of Islamofascism.

Obviously, Brigitte Gabriel is a maximalist.

While, as we have seen, for the minimalists, less is better, the maximalists see the present GWOT in a much larger frame of reference. The combat in which we are presently engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere, is perceived to be just battles in this monumental Clash of Civilizations, this existential war of barbarism against civilization. The repercussions of this great clash are truly global. Our enemies, and our allies alike, are watching this great contest unfold and shaping their future foreign policy on how they perceive our strengths and weaknesses. It is no accident, that by our wavering on our military commitment in Iraq, we are showing these watchers our weaknesses, our adolescent impatience, and our lack of will, and consequently the Russians, the Chinese, and even the puny potentates of the world, like Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Ill are beginning to rattle their sabers. Thus, we maximalists view this GWOT as an immense struggle with huge stakes involved. In our view, this great struggle has just begun, and our collective future will be formed by the efficacy of our response.

A few final thoughts.

Unfortunately, the line between the maximalists' worldview and that of the minimalists is often blurred and indistinct. It cannot be neatly delineated by party affiliation. There are maximalists and minimalists on both sides of the aisle. Immediately following 9/11, President Bush himself described Islam as a "religion of peace", hijacked by a few fanatics -- a perfect expression of minimalism. Thus, even this brave president who brought the GWOT to the terrorists ( and paid a huge political price for doing so) has, by his often inscrutable statements, helped to muddy the waters, and drain our collective will to fight.

Is it any wonder then that the American public is so torn apart and confused? When our own leaders have so often shown an astonishing ignorance of the true nature of our enemies, how can we expect more from a grossly-misinformed, or purposely-manipulated public?

Finally, however, there is such a thing as personal responsibility. It is no longer feasible to claim ignorance; there is just too much information out there. It is no longer a valid excuse to say that you are too busy to study the issues involved. It is no longer morally conscionable to walk the fence between these two diametrically opposed views of our world. We must understand the differences between the two and we must choose. Our future will be determined by which path we take.

Ominously, by our choice this past November, we have, it seems, embraced the dangerous delusions of the minimalists. Is it too late to change course? Is it too late for the Western World?

God only knows - rg

The Handwriting on the Wall
By Brigitte Gabriel
Courtesy of Naomi Ragen

Comment to this article transposted from StopThe ACLU:
AirborneVet on January 29th, 2009 6:16 pm
As a person with a degree in Middle East Studies, and over 10 years experience teaching and dealing with this subject and with Islam, I very much enjoyed your assessment here concerning minimalists and maximalists. It fits the GWOT concept very well. Only in the end, will we find out which approach was best. Personally, I agree with the Maximalist point of view.

For more see:
And this latest from Iran

And so it begins...

From ABC News: Obama Moves toward Shuttering Gitmo

Last night, just hours after he took the oath of office, Obama ordered Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to direct the chief prosecutor of the Office of Military Commissions to seek a continuance of 120 days for any case that has been referred to the office of military commissions and to cease referring any new cases for prosecution.

This morning, military judges hearing the cases of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-confessed mastermind of 9/11, and his co-conspirators, as well as a different judge hearing the case of Canadian detainee Omar Khadr, granted the prosecution's motion. According to the motion filed by the prosecutors, the continuance was requested "in order to provide the administration sufficient time to conduct a review of detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to evaluate the cases of detainees not approved for release or transfer to determine whether prosecution may be warranted for any offenses those detainees may have committed, and to determine which forum best suits any future prosecution."
Is it even possible to grasp the enormity of these fateful decisions? to understand the dire implications for our future? Let's just focus our attention for a moment on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Just who is he and how important is he in our attempts to prosecute this Global War on Terror?

According to the 9/11 Commission Report he was "the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks". He is also thought to have had, or has confessed to, a role in many of the most significant terrorist plots over the last twenty years, including the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, the Operation Bojinka
plot, an aborted 2002 attack on Los Angeles' U.S. Bank Tower, the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the Millennium Plot, and the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Think you already know all about Sheikh Khalid's terrorist activities? You might just be surprised. Here is what he has confessed to (so far):

The February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City
A failed "shoe bomber" operation
The October 2002 attack in Kuwait
The nightclub bombing in Bali, Indonesia
A plan for a "second wave" of attacks on major U.S. landmarks to be set in the spring or summer of 2002 after the 9/11 attacks, which includes more hijackings of commercial airlines and having them flown into various buildings in the U.S. including the Library Tower in Los Angeles , the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Columbia Center in Seattle and the Empire State Building in New York
Plots to attack oil tankers and U.S. naval ships in
the Straits of Hormuz, the Straits of Gibraltar and in Singapore
A plan to blow up the Panama Canal
Plans to assassinate Jimmy Carter [Yes, that's right, even Jimmy Carter]
A plot to blow up suspension bridges in New York City
A plan to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago with burning fuel trucks
Plans to "destroy" Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf and Big Ben in London
A planned attack on "many" nightclubs in Thailand
A plot targeting the New York Stock Exchange and other U.S. financial targets

A plan to destroy buildings in Eilat, Israel
Plans to destroy U.S. embassies in Indonesia, Australia and Japan in 2002.
Plots to destroy Israeli embassies in India, Azerbaijan, the Philippines and Australia
Surveying and financing an attack on an Israeli El-Al flight from Bangkok Sending several "mujahideen" into Israel to survey "strategic targets" with the intention of attacking them
The November 2002 suicide bombing of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya
The failed attempt to shoot down an Israeli passenger jet leaving Mombasa airport in Kenya Plans to attack U.S. targets in South Korea
Providing financial support for a plan to attack U.S., British and Jewish targets in Turkey
Surveillance of U.S. nuclear power plants in order to attack them
A plot to attack NATO's headquarters in Europe
Planning and surveillance in a 1995 plan (the "Bojinka Operation") tobomb 12 American passenger jets
The planned assassination attempt against then-U.S. President Bill Clinton during a mid-1990s trip to the Philippines. [Sorry Bill, no pass for Democrats]
"Shared responsibility" for a plot to kill Pope John Paul II
Plans to assassinate Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf
An attempt to attack a U.S. oil company in Sumatra, Indonesia, "owned by the Jewish former [U.S.] Secretary of State Henry Kissinger"
The beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl

Of course, not everyone is pleased with the circumstances of poor Khalid's incarceration.

Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Center for Constitutional Rights, and US military defense lawyers have criticised the military commissions for lacking necessary rights for a fair trial. Critics generally argue for a trial either in a civilian federal court as a common criminal suspect, or by court martial as a prisoner under the Geneva Conventions.
And so it begins... Our beloved new leader has spoken, and the good Khalid will find his way into that labyrinth of the American criminal justice system. And if our new president and his followers have their way, he will be tried in a NYC courtroom, with all, or almost all, of the benefits of an American citizen. High-profile trial lawyers will trip all over themselves to represent him. O. J. Simpson look out, your days of enjoying the dubious distinction of having the most watched criminal trial in the twentieth century are about to be eclipsed. Of course, the old media will be thrilled. I can almost hear Nancy Grace and Geraldo Rivera licking their chops in anticipation.

Is this how it's going to be? Is this how it will all end? Have we just voted ourselves into the dustbin of history? If the Sword of Justice does not fall upon this monster's head, is there any hope, any hope at all for a just and righteous world? Have we just bartered away justice for the appearance of justice? Have we sold our precious souls to please a jaded world? - rg

For more on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed see: href="">

Who is a Patriot?

Originally Posted 9/22/08

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel", said Samuel Johnson to Mr. Boswell, and Mr. Boswell and the world took note and remembered. Yet those who most often and most lovingly remind us of this famous aphorism are almost invariably those of a particular breed of skeptic who consider all national loyalties of any kind to be automatically suspect. However they seldom if ever repeat the second part of that renowned quotation, and by this slippery sin of omission they completely distort the true intent of the original phrase.
"But let it be considered," Mr. Boswell continues, "that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak of self-interest."

Boswell Life of Samuel Johnson

How then are we to determine what is or is not a "real and generous love of our country", and what is merely "pretended patriotism" and just a "cloak of self-interest."? Who then is a patriot? And who is not? Who is our true friend? And who is our true foe?

The people whom we are fighting against are often some of the nicest people in the world. But they are nonetheless wrong. Very wrong. And they do hurt us. And they don’t even see it. These people, often our friends and relatives and neighbors, often suffer from the worst sort of hubris. The pride of sanctified opinion. The firm belief that their opinions, no matter how grossly uninformed or ill-founded have value just because they are their opinions. They see themselves as superior patriots, honorable but objective physicians who are willing to tell their patient the truth about their serious condition, no matter how distasteful it may be. Telling their patients the awful truth has in point of fact become their sacred role, their primary function. Only in this way do they have a chance of saving their suffering charges. And if the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, then so be it. It must be done. It is to be seen as a painful but necessary catharsis.

However, just beneath the surface of this high-minded rhetoric, one can smell that familiar and unmistakable odor of unbounded pride and self-importance. Above all else, our dubiously sincere critics wish to appear profound and well-informed. The concept of actually becoming profound and well-informed through hard work and diligent study is evidently beyond the scope of their apprehension. They remain utterly content and unmoved by the force of reality. They have learned all that they need to know. And that is all that they need to learn.

How often have we seen some well thought-out essay, an obvious product of a great expenditure of effort and research, casually dismissed out of hand by a one sentence insult, or buy some oh-so-clever quip by one of these self-appointed Guardians of Truth. Yet, remarkably, and invariably, these very same people will without the slightest hesitation describe themselves unabashedly as patriots, true patriots who love their country and only wish to help her through her absolutely essential catharsis. In short, they say, the truth hurts. And their truth is of course the only unquestioned version.

God save us from these 'true patriots'. With patriots like these who needs enemies? If these are, as I propose, our false patriots, who then are our true patriots? What after all is said and done, is a true patriot?

First and foremost a patriot is loyal. He has made an oath and he intends to keep it. A patriot is steadfast, he does not waver in the ever-changing winds of opinion. A patriot loves his country and is supportive of her. He does not look for ways to undermine the moral integrity of his country during a time of her utmost peril, during a time of war.

A patriot’s primary concern is in defending his country against any and all assaults upon her character, whether they come from enemies within or from enemies abroad. A patriot does not exercise his right to free speech in order to slander his own home and nation. He does not hold the delusional conceit that by publicly admonishing his country for her purported past and present blunders and atrocities he is thereby somehow helping her. He will not expend his energies seeking to find some new flaws in the character of his country, but rather does whatever he can do to defend her from the attacks of those who would happily bring her down. A patriot is not ashamed to be a trustworthy and loyal champion of his country. Rather, he is her proud protector and her shield. A patriot is unconcerned that his patriotism may be called simplistic and shallow by those false patriots. A patriot who is willing to sacrifice his very life for his honest love of country is not that easily cowed by these petty and effete naysayers.

A patriot does not mindlessly parrot the borrowed opinions of others merely based upon their current popularity. He is totally unconcerned about whether his patriotism is or is not in fashion this year. A patriot does his own independent research and thinks before he speaks. He will not allow his careless words to be used by his country's enemies as weapons to wound her. Rather, a patriot will use his well-chosen words and his deeds to lift his country up even higher.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, patriots are deeply aware of their value to their community and their country. Patriots love life and they love their families, but are nonetheless willing to sacrifice themselves for their community and their country, not with that blind unthinking obedience of a totalitarian slave or a religious fanatic, but with an open-hearted generosity and love. With that 'real and generous love of country' of which our good Mister Boswell spoke so long ago.

Another Shameful Victory of the Universal Gutless Left

Amsterdam's Court of Appeal has ordered the prosecution of outspoken Dutch politician Geert Wilders for hate-speech, related to his anti-Islamic film, Fitna.

In a decision posted on Wednesday, the court called on public prosecutors to begin a case against the right-wing, anti-immigration politician over statements he made in interviews, in editorials and in his 15-minute film, released last March on the internet.

The court singled out Wilders for insulting comments likening elements of the Muslim faith to Nazism and calling the Qur'an "a fascist book."

"The court considers this so insulting for Muslims that it is in the public interest to prosecute Wilders," a summary of the court's decision said.

Commenting to Dutch media, Wilders called it a "black day for myself and for freedom of speech."

Wilders' short film, which drew widespread condemnation and protests in Muslim countries, intersperses violent, graphic imagery — including from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States and the beheading of a Caucasian man – with quotations from the Qur'an, Islam's holy book.

It ends with text saying Islam "seeks to destroy our Western civilization" and a caricature of Muhammad, his head drawn in the shape of a bomb that explodes into a crack of thunder and lightning.

The title, Fitna, refers to a Qur'anic term for "strife."

Wednesday's decision overturns the one made by the Dutch public prosecutor's office last year. After a six-month investigation, the office had decided not to pursue a case against Wilders, saying his remarks did not amount to a punishable offence.


This from earlier Radarsite articles:

Here it was: Fitna

1/21/09: You can still see it here: This site was taken down under threats by Islam.

Special thanks to Ben and Dean for this heads up.

The new url for Fitna. Thanks to Daily Motion

There will be follow up articles from Radarsite and from Other Sites on the Line beginning immediately. rg


I'm overcome with emotion. How can I possibly put it all into words? All this outrage and anger and pent-up hatred -- and yes, it is hatred, hatred of Islam -- that's been building up in me over these past months and years? How can I possibly write some thoughtful analysis of this devastating blood-soaked film? I shouldn't even be writing about it now; I'm still too close to the fire. But I must write about it. We all must write about it and talk about it and vote about it.

A heroic man has put himself in lifelong jeopardy in order to bring us this small precious gift of white-hot fire. And now it's up to us. We can do nothing -- as we've been doing all these shameful years -- and this precious flame will slowly fade away and die. Or we can use it to ignite a cataclysmic firestorm of rebellion. This, then, is his gift to us, what he sacrificed himself to bring us, the one thing we've been unable to discover within our over civilized souls, yet the one thing that's absolutely essential to our survival. The fire, the passion --the WILL TO SURVIVE.

Absent this essential element we are rendered impotent. All of our vast wealth, all of that accumulated knowledge and scientific experience, that cutting-edge weaponry, all that goes into making us a superior civilization is utterly useless to us now without this one crucial ingredient: the WILL TO SURVIVE.

The WILL TO SURVIVE must now take absolute precedence over all other considerations and rationalizations and legalistic abstractions. It's too late for all that now. The WILL TO SURVIVE must now be predominant and constant and unassailable. The only alternative for us now is death. Death.

This, then, has been our Achilles Heel, our congenital flaw. The raw unquestioned power of the Will is determinate. And the enemy knows this; they've found our weakness and have exploited it mercilessly. And we, God help us, have let them -- are still letting them.

Geert Wilders has had the courage to unmask the face of the enemy. Now, do we have the WILL TO SURVIVE?

Well, do we have the will to survive? It certainly doesn't seem like it from here. - rg

More here

Mahdi, Mahdi, who's got the Mahdi?

In a speech on November 16th, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke of his belief in the return of the Twelfth Imam. One of the differences between Sunni and Shiite Islam is that the latter, who dominate Iran and form the majority in Iraq, believe that Allah shielded or hid Muhammad al-Mahdi as the Twelfth Imam until the end of time. Shiites expect the Twelfth Imam, which Jews and Christians would recognize as a messianic figure, to return to save the world when it had descended into chaos.

This then is the nature of the enemy we face. This is the basis of their belief system. The inevitable and apocalyptic Return of the Mahdi. This is the mindset of the world class leader whom our new liberal government expects to sit down and negotiate with. A soon-to-be nuclear armed nation waiting for the end of time and the promised reappearance of the Mahdi.
It is, however, important to remember that there have been several such divinely-inspired Mahdis throughout the violent history of Islam. Here are some of them.

Eighth century
Salih ibn Tarif
Ninth century
Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Ali
Tenth century
Said ibn Husayn
Twelfth century
Muhammad ibn Abdallah ibn Tumart
Fifteenth century
Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri
Nineteenth century
1 Siyyid 'Alí-Muhammad (the Báb)
2 Muhammad Ahmad
3 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Twentieth century
1 Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan
2 Juhayman ibn-Muhammad ibn-Sayf al-Otaibi

Till now, the most famous of these occulutions was perhaps Muhammad Ahmad, the "Khartoum Mahdi".

Muhammad Ahmad ibn (August 12, 1844 – June 22, 1885) was a religious leader, in Sudan, who proclaimed himself the Mahdi — the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will appear at end times. Under his religious authority the divided clans...into an alliance dedicated [surprise, surprise] to establishing an "Islamic" state as the first step in a universal Islamic state. In 1881, he declared a jihad against the British-backed Egyptian authority in Sudan. Ahmad raised an army and led a successful religious war to topple the Egyptian occupation of Sudan. His most successful and final battle was the siege of Khartoum in Sudan, an effort to totally obliterate Egyptian (and Sudanese) resistance. The only thing that stood in his way was the legendary British General Charles "Chinese" Gordon.

In 1873, General Charles Gordon had been appointed Governor of the Equatorial Provinces of Sudan. For the next three years, General Gordon fought against a native chieftain of Darfur, Zobeir, who had erected, on the basis of slave-traffic, a dangerous military power. Zobeir's organisation was eventually dismantled. Although unsuccessful at total pacification, Gordon was successful in limiting the power of the slave traders. Thus, he was made Governor-General of the Sudan in 1877. Soon after he arrived at his new post he started to end the slave trade, which at that point dominated the economy and was controlled by the tiny minority of Arabs. Before his arrival some 7 out of 8 blacks in the Sudan were enslaved by the tiny minority of Arabs; the native Africans formed well over 80% of the overall population. Gordon's policies were effective, but the effects on the economy were disastrous, and soon the Arab Social Ascendancy came to see this not a liberation from slavery, but a modern-day European Christian crusade and a threat to Muslim and Arab social dominance.

The Siege of Khartoum lasted from March 12, 1884 to January 26, 1885. Khartoum was besieged by the Mahdists and defended by a garrison of 7,000 Egyptian and loyal Sudanese troops. After a ten-month siege, the Mahdists finally broke into the city and the entire garrison was slaughtered.

What lessons can we learn from all this? What insight into our present circumstances can this look back in time afford us? Can we perhaps begin to understand the real nature of this so-called War on Terror we are presently engaged in?

What was the single biggest grievance that the Arab world had against the West in the Nineteenth Century? The West -- in the person of General Charles "Chinese" Gordon -- had the temerity, the arrogance, to interfere with, and eventually bring to an end, the lucrative slave trade in Sudanese blacks which had been the very foundation of their economy. This Christian Crusade against slavery was the unforgivable affront against the Arab world, the spark that lit the Jihadist flame.

Thus, long before the hegemony of oil, long before the birth of George W. Bush, long before the dark machinations of Dick Cheney's fearsome Blackwater crusaders, the stage was set for battle. The inevitable clash between the dark, backward-looking vision of Islam and the enlightened West began with the birth of the Prophet. This great battle is indeed a classic Clash of Civilizations, civilizations which are diametrically opposed to one another, which cannot, by their very nature, co-exist in peace. All of the calls from our newly-sanctified left for love not hate, all of the diplomatic missions, all of the ecumenical conferences in the world will not ameliorate the danger of the crisis we face. Today, just as it was in 1881, Islam is "dedicated to establishing an "Islamic" state as the first step in a universal Islamic state." To refuse to accept this historical truth, to attempt to avoid the moral implications of these fundamental and unchanging Islamic precepts, to somehow justify our political or military inaction by convincing ourselves that we are the cause of this monumental schism, that it is we who have to change, is to completely misunderstand the significance of this existential threat.

Today, January 20, 2009, the world is cheering, it is cheering because those who embrace this disastrous geopolitical misconception have legally assumed the reins of power. Where will their fatally flawed delusions take us? Will we be able to survive their willful ignorance?

God bless America. - rg

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Chemo Thoughts: The End of My World?

Earlier today a friend emailed me to ask how I was doing. I assumed they were referring to my ongoing battle with leukemia. I answered that I was doing fine. I had determined early on when I got that first lethal prognosis that I was not going to use the pages of Radarsite for a continual updating on the morbid details of my chemotherapy. So I answered that I was doing fine. But, I wonder, how am I really doing? Am I really doing fine?

Nothing concentrates the mind like a death sentence. Especially one that is so close at hand and almost certain. Priorities are immediately questioned and reshuffled. What seemed of great import yesterday may have lost much or all of its weight today. The love and closeness of family and friends becomes paramount; whereas the opinions of strangers become less and less relevant. The often frenetic muddle of everyday life is quickly subsumed into the greater if quieter battle for life itself. There's only enough space left in your life for those things of real value, or perhaps for those values which are real. There's just not enough time left for empty rhetoric or endless gentlemanly debate. In whatever time is left you must embrace your family and your values and hold them dear.

The whole purpose of developing Radarsite was to speak up for America. To come to her defense. To answer her enemies and her critics with truth. To fight for the truth in the face of the relentless barrage of propaganda and lies. In short, a place to express my love and my respect for America and for American values. This mission has never wavered. The wonderful contributors whose fine work now fills these pages all share this love and respect for our great nation.

And now? Oh, I still love this beautiful country of ours, this wonderful meritocracy we call home. But my love is tinged with anxiety and fear. Like the love for a child who has gone astray, who has ignored all of our good advice and chosen an ignoble path to self-destruction. We can only watch helplessly as they slip further and further from our embrace and deeper and deeper into the black pit.

How do I feel? my friend asks. Here's how I really feel. From those very first days I have accepted my personal prognosis completely and without complaint. I am grateful for the endlessly fascinating life I have been allowed to live. But I have not yet accepted the dire fate that awaits my beloved country. I am filled with shame and disbelief at what we have become, what we are becoming, what we are giving up, what we have forgotten. My usually dependable inherent optimism has been all but eroded by the preposterous events of these last few years. That America I have so long loved and respected has been turned upside down. Those values that separated us from the rest of the world have either been ingloriously degraded or completely abandoned. We no longer know who we are or what we stand for. We allow others to define us, we allow our sworn enemies -- both within and without -- to determine our national agendas. We are in the fateful process of completely losing our national identity. And according to our recent elections, this makes half of our population happy. Half of our population considers our formerly-precious American identity to be the problem. America is what's wrong with this world. To fix the world we must therefore change what it means to be an American. Change we can believe in.

We are presently besieged by savage enemies. Islamists, Marxists, Anarchists, cruel dictators and criminal tyrants. We are besieged by alien cults of death who nurse apocalyptic visions of destruction. Everything that we hold dear is under attack and threatened. But the most dangerous and shameless enemy of all lives right here amongst us. Our very own treacherous patriots, who rush to give the keys to the kingdom to the barbarians at our gates. The idiots, the fools, the delusional liberals, and those elitist amoral progressives who honestly believe that by utterly destroying the fabric of this great nation they will somehow save it. They have traded our pride for guilt and our strength for safety. And I despise them for it. I despise them more than I despise our sworn enemies, because our sworn enemies do not disguise their motives under the cloak of patriotism.

And what of our innocent children? Our beloved grandchildren? What godless world have we bequeathed to them? What is our message to these innocents? There is no right or wrong. Everything is relative. All peoples and all belief systems are morally equal. There is no such thing as good or evil, just different points of view. War is morally wrong, no matter what its purpose. To defend yourself with violence is as unjustifiable as to attack one with violence.

How do I feel? I have been told that my life is coming to an end. So be it. I can deal with that. But can I deal with the prospect of my beloved country coming to an end? Is my beloved country eagerly embracing its own demise? Will our new America truly be willing to fight for its survival in this savage world? Or, as it seems to me now, have we chosen the ignoble road of appeasement and dishonor? Is there still hope for us?

Someone out there please tell me that I am wrong, that my pessimism is premature or unfounded, that my deductions are somehow flawed. Someone please tell me that I can leave this world in peace and not in this awful despair for our future. - rg

We Are Losing the Global War on Terror

by Roger W. Gardner

What is the Global War on Terror?
The Global War on Terror. Why does the very name we have chosen for this monumental global conflict contain the seeds of our coming failure? The answer is simple. The name itself is prima facie evidence of our inability, or our adamant refusal, to face the hard truth about the real nature of this war. It is yet another example of our willful ignorance and our moral cowardice. Who are we fighting? Who are our enemies? Are we fighting some mysterious group of anonymous terrorists? Who has declared war against us, against the entire Judeo/Christian West? And finally, if we are afraid to even mention the name of our sworn enemy, how on earth can we ever expect to win this bloody war?

The unnamed enemy is Islam. Not some small fanatical group of Islamists, not some zealous band of religious extremists, but just plain, old-fashioned Islam. Islam has unequivocally declared war on the infidels. And we have unequivocally decided to deny the existence of this declaration. By conveniently defining this to be some amorphous "War on Terror", we have deluded ourselves into thinking that it is something altogether different, something far less dangerous and pervasive than it really is. We have denied the existence of the monster who threatens us, and therefore we firmly believe that the monster ceases to exist.

Am I the first to remark on this cowardly game of semantics? Of course not. But despite all these prescient admonitions and warnings, has anything actually changed? Have we become more, or less, willing to honestly confront our enemies? To honestly name the name, Islam, bloody Islam?

On the contrary. As time has passed we have become ever more entrenched in our shameful state of denial. From the President on down we have steadfastly refused to name our adversaries for fear of upsetting them. Consequently, our adversaries grow stronger every day and they mock our weakness and our indecision. Now, ironically, for fear of making waves, we are facing a catastrophic Islamic tsunami.

Where is the War on Terror?
Where is the center of this so-called War on Terror? Iraq? Afghanistan? The entire Middle East? A legitimate case can be made that the center of the War on Terror today is in Gaza. Hamas, the semi-hidden face of Islam, is the personification of the real enemy. The rockets that fall daily on Sderot are the chosen weapons of this war. And how have we in the West chosen to support this War on Terror? We have shamefully blamed the victims. We have publicly admonished the Israelis for fighting this proxy War on Terror for us. We have condemned their efforts in the sanctimonious halls of the EU and the UN. We have passed innumerable resolutions naming the Israelis themselves as the real threat to peace. Yes, if ever there was a perfect paradigm for this War on Terror it must be in Gaza. And we have abandoned our only true ally in this entire blood-soaked region and taken the side of the enemy.

Do we really hate the Jews that much? Is the world's eternal historical antisemitism so pervasive, so potent, that we would rather see Hamas and Hezbollah win? Do we secretly desire to see Israel "wiped off the map"? Do we hate the Jews so much that we would prefer to see Ahmadinejad actually get the bomb? Is our Western Civilization really that crazy? Is there some other logical explanation for our pathetic behavior?

The center of the War on Terror

Islam is the unnamed enemy we have refused to engage. Instead, we seek conciliation and accommodation. We offer compromise and denial. Anything to avoid confrontation. We will go to any lengths to avoid naming Islam as the enemy. This, then, is the true center of our War on Terror. Right here, in the heart and soul of our inglorious Western World. This is our Ground Zero. This is where the great battle has already been fought and lost. Here, in our prestigious halls of government and our great courts of justice, here in our liberal ivy-league universities and our self-congratulatory myopic media. Here, in our recent inexplicable election, an election wherein 49% of the electorate poled firmly believed that our most threatening problem was the economy (stupid), and an incredible 9% believed that it might actually be the threat of terrorism.

The question is no longer whether or not we have the will to prosecute this War on Terror, this War against Islam; we have already proven to our undying shame that we do not have the necessary will. Our only major concern now in this War on Terror has been how to get our troops back home. Exhibiting an adolescent impatience, we don't want to hear about the cost of our withdrawal. We don't want to hear about the consequences of our cowardice. We don't want to hear what the enemy thinks about all this. We just want them home.

Have we truly become a generation of cowards? Do we really fear war more than we fear subjugation? Have the leftists in our midst really won? Have they finally succeeded in producing a generation of self-loathing anti-patriots, America-bashers, who find more in common with our enemies than with their own nation?

Unfortunately, oh, so unfortunately, thus far, all of our actions and inactions, culminating in the moral travesty of our recent elections, seem to say, Yes. - rg

A note from Radarsite: It seems that I am not alone in my assessment of Islam. In a poll on Radarsite's sidebar titled "Is Islam itself the problem?", 83% of the respondents (414 of 498) answered "Yes." - rg

The Meaning of the Shoes

From AOL News
BAGHDAD (Dec. 15) - Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Monday to demand the release of a reporter who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush, as Arabs across many parts of the Middle East hailed the journalist as a hero and praised his insult as a proper send-off to the unpopular U.S. president. [...]

Journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who was kidnapped by militants last year, was being held by Iraqi security Monday and interrogated about whether anybody paid him to throw his shoes at Bush during a press conference the previous day in Baghdad, said an Iraqi official. [...]

Showing the sole of your shoe to someone in the Arab world is a sign of extreme disrespect, and throwing your shoes is even worse.

Newspapers across the Arab world on Monday printed front-page photos of Bush ducking the flying shoes, and satellite TV stations repeatedly aired the incident, which provided fodder for jokes and was hailed by the president's many critics in the region.
A note from Radarsite: We all understand now the significance of this particular insult in the Arab world -- right? But do we really? Somehow I tend to doubt it. The true significance of this attack on President Bush and symbolically on the United States, and its enthusiastic reception in both the Arab world and in our own liberal media has not really been addressed. One part of this story is of course the breathless eagerness with which our own biased leftist MSM quickly grasps onto any story that will support their long-held conviction that the Iraq war was a foolish criminal endeavor, perpetrated on the American people by a clueless ignorant cowboy -- "the unpopular U.S. president".

But I contend that this incident provides us with an even more important lesson. One which we should have learned by now but have not. It is simply this: Why should this act of hatred and resentment come as a surprise to us? Haven't we accepted the fact yet that 'blood is thicker than water'; or in this case, that the Arab world's adherence to Islam and to Sharia law supersedes any temporary arrangements of convenience made with infidel governments. Treaties made with Arab (or any Muslim) states are in reality no more than cynical measures of expediency. Realpolitik.

Here is the cold hard truth: Islam is, was, and always will be the sworn enemy of Western civilization in general, and of the United States of America in particular. Any thoughts that we can peacefully coexist without risking subsequent betrayal are foolhardy and delusional. Every time we think we have made inroads into the Muslim world we should be automatically circumspect and on guard. For when push comes to shove, all of those minor political or regional differences between Arab/Muslim states will be quickly set aside when confronted with the common enemy of the infidel West. Until the very roots of Islam are torn out of this culture we will never succeed in establishing any meaningful and lasting peace in this region.

The Arab world has lionized the shoe-tosser not just because he confronted and insulted an "unpopular American president", but because he heroically challenged the power and the hegemony of the Infidel West. To not understand the depth of this animosity is to not understand the profound meaning of this monumental global confrontation we are experiencing.

Does this mean that we should just give up on our efforts to reform and democratize the Middle East? Of course not. But we cannot be naive or overly optimistic. We must constantly bear in mind the immutability of the message of the Koran. During the Cold War we developed the concept of 'Trust but verify'. This attitude is even more relevant today when confronted with militant Islam.

Read more:

From Radarsite: A Christmas Message to all Retailers

A message from Radarsite: This is a simple message to all of you who plan on making money on us this CHRISTMAS Season, whether you are multi-million dollar automobile manufacturers or small time candy makers. If out of either misguided conviction or simple cowardice you continue to ignore or obfuscate the foundational Christian significance of our great American tradition of Christmas do not expect our business. If you honestly believe that you can skirt around this (now-thorny) issue by using code words for Christmas, such as 'this holiday season', or get away with saying 'Season's Greetings!' in place of 'Merry Christmas!' you may indeed protect yourself from lawsuits from the ACLU, etc., but you will not get our business. You can't have it both ways anymore. You cannot do away with Christmas and at the same time expect to make money on it.

We will not allow some small militant minority to take away all of our great and significant American traditions, not without a fight. We are getting ready for the battle once again this year, and you will not get away with this monumental theft unnoticed.

This year, some of you, such as Wal-Mart, have already made their decisions to honor this special day by calling it what it is: 'Christmas'. These are the retailers we will reward. Others, Best Buy, Ace Hardware, the major American auto manufacturers, etc. are already asking us to buy their products or shop at their stores for the 'holidays'. Why on earth should anyone buy a new Lincoln for their lover for some unnamed 'holiday'? Which holiday are we talking about here, Columbus Day? Groundhog Day?

This is (still) a free country and you can make whatever decision you want. However, know this, some 80% of America is Christian -- and most American Jews have long ago come to acknowledge this fact and accept Christmas in the spirit of good will, whether or not they actually celebrate it -- and if you choose to ignore this majority of Americans and for selfish reasons decide to throw in your lot with that small vocal minority who are determined to forever alter the character of this great nation then you will suffer the moral and financial consequences.

This Christmas Season will be different than the previous ones. This time, we are wide awake and we are watching you. As I write this there are many sites coming back online who are devoted to this single cause, and they are growing every day. You have grown accustomed to having it both ways, but not this year. If you cannot find the courage to openly honor this very special day, if you cannot find the decency or the will to even utter the words "Merry
Christmas!" you will not get our money. The decision is yours. - rg

A postscript: Well, the very first comment I received to this article was negative. A defense of the denigration of Christmas on the grounds that it has become nothing but a commercial enterprise. If this is what the commenter thinks of Christmas, if this is all that Christmas really means to them, then to me this just reveals the paucity of their soul and I feel sorry for them. The commercialization of Christmas has been a contentious topic of conversation since I received my first boxed set of Gene Autrey six-shooters in 1945. But to use this as an excuse to do away with this great Christian celebration of Christ and joy and giving is inexcusable. Christmas means different things to different people, but to a majority of us Americans it means a great deal, and it always has. It's a very special time for special feelings and special memories. For me, it is simply irreplaceable. And to smother it or completely alter its meaning for the sake of appeasing some fanatical permanently disgruntled minority is totally unacceptable, and we just won't let this happen.
You've been messing around now with our deeply-held convictions of the sacredness of human life and the nobility of traditional marriage, you've attempted to dishonor our fundamental patriotism and attempted to rewrite our honorable national history. You have been zealously teaching our own children to hate us, and removing God from every aspect of our culture. And now you want to take away our Christmas. Well you're not going to do it. And if you write in comments here in defense of this effort to expunge everything that is good and decent and clean from our American heritage I will simply delete you and smile while I'm doing it. - rg.

Jubilation on the Ship of Fools

America, America, what have you done?
A confederacy of dunces and traitors has delivered us unto our enemies. They have dealt this great nation of ours a deadly blow from which we may never recover, and they rejoice over the enormity of the wound. Already the voices of reconciliation and compromise are being raised. We must all come together now so that we can move forward, they say. But move forward to what? To where? What unforeseen furies have you unwittingly unleashed? What cherished American principles and traditions have you willfully abandoned for this nebulous promise of change offered by this charismatic but shadowy charlatan? In one sweeping gesture you have managed to undermine the glorious uniquely American meritocracy and have validated the role of victimization. In one vote you have rewarded our enemies and marginalized our patriots.

To even begin to comprehend the damage you have done just consider for a moment who is pleased by the results of this election.

Abu Yahya al-Libi, Al Qaeda's chief theological enforcer and a top recruiter.

Moamar Kadafi

A new kind of patriot

Hugo Chavez

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

Jane Fonda

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Rev. "God Damn America" Wright

Kim Jong Ill

Empowered youth

Empowered Kenyan relatives and heirs

The list of course could go on and on.

It is I think fitting that the first gloating leftist response Radarsite received this morning was from the infamous but woefully inconsequential Raoul, who again quite fittingly, is neither male nor American. Normally Raoul would be automatically deleted, but not today. Today I want her message to be read by all those who may still have doubts about the despicable nature of our enemies. As you can see it is addressed to both me and to my good friend and colleague Snooper personally. She believes, quite rightly, that we are her most determined enemies.

I'm sending this via email because it's obvious that most of you conduct your love chats here instead of out in the open where the light shines. The election is over (thank God!) and our citizens have spoken in volumes by the way they voted. Your time is now over - after 28 years or more if we count the destruction Reagan did to our middle class.

The god with a small 'g' that you pretend to follow doesn't exist. The real God never had any interest in politics or countries or bestowing special blessings to any one country as most of you, especially Roger, believe. John 3:16 begins by saying 'for God so loved the WORLD'. That's the entire world and not just the white anglo saxon part of it in America.

You people are an embodiment of pure evil. I know this probably shocks you just like the Nazis were surprised at the hatred expressed towards their deeds but I can't say it any other way. God, country, and flag have always been the ingredients of despots living in fear and hate. You feed off of hate. You require hate in order to justify your own pitiful lives. Your blogs speak for themselves along with everything you've written concerning President-Elect Obama, Muslims, victims of our torture techniques, the illegal invasion of Iraq, victims of the Katrina flood, et. al.

I grew up around evil so I believe I can speak on a little bit of authority regarding how true evil works. It hides behind religiousity, patriotism, individualism without any social programs, hatred of anyone who is different, and a host of other facades. Evil will always have a crusade or burning issue to raise in order to hide from reality and the real issues that face mankind. You people fit the definition of 'evil' perfectly.

Well, your time is over so I think it's only proper for you to slink back into your caves or wherever else you dwell. Rational Americans like me do, however, owe you a debt of thanks. You've taught us a very valuable lesson. The lesson is that right wing religionists will NEVER take over this country again! You've been exposed for what you really represent - a parasitic host. To put it more bluntly, you're a boil on the ass of history. And, the American electorate has lanced that boil!

I can now say unabashedly, God bless America! This country will NEVER be the same again and I say thank God! Now that the racial divide has been breached with Barack Obama's election, some day the gender divide or perhaps the sexual orientation divide or any other man made divide will finally be eliminated.

One last thing - concerning your blogs. I think it would be a good idea if you closed your blogs down since you'll have nothing to write about any more. If you decide to keep them active I have to tell you that I, and others, will be monitoring your blogs. Any threats or seditious comments will be turned over to the proper authorities. This shouldn't surprise you because you ought to know by now that when Mark Harvey threatened to 'slit the throat' of any war protestor he met in Washington during his trip there, I turned the comments along with the blog site over to the FBI who checked it out.

But, it's up to you. This will be my last direct comment to you. I have to admit that every time I've ever encountered anything you've written I've gotten the urge to take a scalding shower. You are the most vile group of people I've ever known. I think that deep down inside you 're aware of this sad fact. We, on the Left, have been vindicated. America will finally heed the real teachings of Christ who said we should feed the hungry and take care of the poor.

graciously yours,
But then the very next email I received was this one from Anonymous:

Today is a SAD SAD day. Birth of America: July 4, 1776....Death of America: November 4, 2008. Roger and to all his contributors and readers. I'm sure we're all sitting in disbelief, shock and concerned. Knowing none of use would imagine this day coming true. All our intentions were sincere and true, due to the fact that we believe in America and love her even more so.

This writer likes to see it as a huge draw back and we lost a battle. And sure many more battles will be lost. As we see the president elect make some awful decisions for our great nation. But, in the end, I sincerely believe we will win the war. There is no way Obama or a democrat will gain the seat of the presidency in 2012. Too many mistakes will be made between now and then. Mistakes I hope our country will be able to endure, is the big question. Later on down the road. People will realize that making Obama the president was a huge mistake. Just hope this error of judgement doesn't cost us too much.

Obama's acceptance speech he began to tone done his rhetoric in what he was going to attempt to accomplish while being the president. Since, Obama is aware that he can't possibly achieve these objectives within the first year, known the less the first 100 days of his office. The good behind this is people have short memories. And will begin to wonder why Obama isn't doing what he said he would do. And that this supposed "change" isn't coming or not for the enbetterment of the American people. And this my friends will be the beginning of the end for Obama and the democrats. When the next elections come along people will look to different candidates.

McCain, I believe could've won this election. If he just used the ammunition available to him. McCain should have reneged on receiving campaign funds from the public only...just like Obama did at the beginning of his campaign. So the playing field (of donations/money) would have been level. As well as, McCain should have discussed many topics he considered off the list. Or his advisers informed him not to use certain things.

I guess it's a should, could, would situation presented here. Nonetheless, there are times in an individuals life and a countries history that we must take a few steps backwards. In order to take huge leaps forward in the not too distant future. And that is what we're going to contend with hopeful. Best of luck to everyone. And I say we continue to monitor Obama's Administration and get the word out to people in what he's doing. We can never start too early for 2012.

Roger, thank you so much for informing the public. All I can say is you did a outstanding job. And it's a pleasure and honor to know your a true American. Who actually cares what's happening to America. We will all learn from this and wait patiently to fix this very wrong that occurred. God bless you Roger and everyone else. We will have our work cut out for ourselves over the next four years. As for me, I am not giving up and never will. I will just have to be patient and wait this horrific ordeal out.

So there you have it. The cons and the pros. But there is one last message I received this morning, perhaps the most surprising and heartening message of them all. This morning, November 5, 2008, the first morning of the Obama victory, the Chicago Sun Times decided to publish one of Radarsite's most recent anti-Obama articles, The Embarrassment of Victory, the 50th Radarsite article published there since we were officially launched in December 2007. This from the very heart of the beast, his own hometown, that delirious town which has not yet recovered from last night's wild victory celebrations. So it seems we still have an audience.

So I'm sorry Raoul, but we're not closing shop at Radarsite. And once again you will be happily and automatically deleted. Far from retreating, we have just begun to fight. - rg

Note: Hieronymus Bosch’s Ship of Fools [shown above] (1450 – 1516). Although it is all but invisible in this small reproduction, there is a Muslim crescent painted on the Ship of Fools' banner. You can view a larger image here. -rg

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