Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the Good People

Bloggers (what an awful word!). Who are we and what do we do? And why on earth do we do it?
For most of us blogging certainly isn't a profession, but rather an obssession. Few of us I think are supporting families by the fruits of our blogs. So why, then, do we do it? The more we write about the plight of this great country of ours, or of our Western Civilization in general, the worse it seems to get. Why do we even bother?

For the good people. That's who we're writing for. The good people, who by their inattention are just letting these things happen aren't ignorant or even necessarily disinterested, they're just busy, consumed in their everyday battles of work and family. We all have friends like these, they're fine, intelligent people. They're generally optimistic people, who feel that somehow things will 'work themselves out' -- they always do. These good people spend an average of twenty minutes a week getting their news from a biased MSM. At the end of the day, what little time they have left they choose to spend with their families and their loved ones. They have neither the space nor the inclination in their hectic lives to study the koran, or to contemplate the inroads of islam in Belgium. The good people of America are busy, busy with the business of making America great. They are what separate us from those lethargic socialistic failures across the seas.

The problem with this of course is that just being good isn't good enough. Being honest and hard-working and good just won't save them. There were a lot of good intelligent and industrious people in Germany in the Twenties and Thirties, who by their inattention, by their silence, allowed their country to be taken over by monsters and brought to ruin.

Our good people are just that: they are good, and we are not angry with them, they are our only hope. When we write, it's not to change the minds of any of those hardened libs -- that would be impossible -- but it's to try to reach these decent, hard-working folks who would care if they really understood the gravity of their situation. They are what keeps us going and gives us hope. They are not asleep, they do not need to be "awakened", they've been awake for hours. They've already got the kids off to school and are on their way to work. No, they do not need to be awakened, but they need to be convinced, convinced that they truly are in danger, that we truly are in a desperate war, a war that we absolutely must win.

And that, my fellow bloggers, as I see it, is our job and our duty.

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